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How to start my claim?

When you have an accident, first of all you should go to safe place. For example side of the road or on footpath. If somebody is injured, you should call ambulance or try to have medical help. You should know the location, where accident happened. Try to take photos of accident showing damage, registration numbers and location. If you have dash cam footage, that is also very helpful. You should ask / note name, date of birth, insurance details, make and model of the vehicle of the third party.

Please call us, our friendly and experience team will ask accident details and other evidence including photos. You can post / email or Whatsapp the evidence. After this we will confirm that your accident was fault or non fault. Or it needs more investigation.

On average it will take less than a month to settle a straight forward non fault accident. It also depends on third party insurance company and their admittance of liability towards accident.

If you have a non fault accident, you do not need to inform your insurance company. We will report your insurance company ourselves if we find it necessary.

Please call us, and we will arrange recovery for you straight away. We can deliver the car at your place or at our storage / repair garage. You can arrange your own recovery and you will be paid for that once claim is settled.

After asking initial details from you, we will email / post Accident Claim form to you. Normally it takes short time to fill the form (15 minutes). That form will ask accident details, your and third party name, VRM, location and accident drawings etc. You can email or post the form to us. After this we will try to contact third party insurance and discuss your claim with them.

No, you do not have to pay any excess if you have non fault accident and you are using us. We will claim your excess from third party insurance our selves.

Courtesy Car - Replacement Vehicle - Credit Hire

When you have a non fault accident and your vehicle needs repairs. Or your vehicle is not safe to drive and is parked in our storage place etc. You will be entitled for Free Replacement / Courtesy Vehicle. You will get like for like vehicle. We provide like for like cars, taxis, vans or motorbikes.

Our vehicle can be delivered in few hours of accident. Our vehicle would be less than 2 years old, taxed and fully comprehensively insured.

Like for like means that you will have similar vehicle what you had at the time of accident. For example if you have manual 1.4 CC car. We will provide you similar car. If you had Van then we will provide you van of similar size and capacity.

No, you can drive unlimited mileage.

When your claim is settled, we will call you to update the status of claim and respective payment to you. After this we will give you 7 days to return the vehicle to us. We set an appointment with you and our representative will come to you to collect the vehicle from you.

Yes, we provide like for like Vans, Motorbikes, Taxis, Cab or high performance vehicles.

Yes, the replacement vehicle, will be fully comprehensively insured. It will be taxed as well. As our fleet is less than 2 years old, so there is no need of MOT on them. When we will deliver the vehicle we will provide documentation for that. It will have your name and other details.

No, our insurance does not cover outside UK. You are not allowed to drive outside UK. Our vehicles are fitted with trackers. They can stop your vehicle remotely while it is driving outside UK. IF diving out of Europe is necessary for you, then we can arrange European cover for you.

It means you will have courtesy car / replacement vehicle from us as credit hire. You do not have to pay any excess or deposit for that. We will recover our cost from third party insurers.

Vehicle Repair & Storage

Yes, we have registered repairers / garages all over the country. You vehicle will be delivered to them via you or us. They will repair your vehicle fully professionally. You do not have to pay any charges or excess for the repair. We will claim all repair charges from third party insurance.

Yes, we can store your vehicle. You do not have to pay any storage charges. We will recover our charges from third party insurance.

We have in house recovery service. We have network of recovery services. Just give us a call and we arrange recovery as soon as possible.

It means that when we repair your car, you do not have to pay any excess or deposit for that. Further you will also not pay any repair chargers. We will recover our cost from third party insurers.

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